Health Information Exchange

One Health Record®‘s Health Information Exchange:

Updated in August 2016, One Health Record® today offers providers a longitudinal patient record (see example below) that can be made available through a free-standing provider portal or patient portal, or via integration within an existing electronic health or medical record system.

The core component of Alabama’s health information exchange is a clinical portal which allows authorized physicians, nurses and other clinical staff to view One Health Record® data.  The exchange currently contains records for over 1.9 Million patients – and that number is growing daily!

(click the “clinical portal” link to watch a 9 minute tutorial on using the One Health Record® Clinical Portal)

In 2017, One Health Record® expects to deploy the following benefits to the HIE:

• Our Provider Directory will consolidate provider data from participating hospitals to form a statewide clearinghouse for provider contact information.

• Personal Community will allow patients to have a consolidated view of their health information from all providers participating with One Health Record®.