One Health Record®  seamlessly and securely connects doctors, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers so patient information is available in real time, regardless of location. Participants can query the system from within their electronic health record (EHR) systems to access patient health data from other participants.  If providers do not have an EHR, a secure messaging system is available.

Providers will benefit from a streamlined office workflow that has moved away from paper-based systems, receiving critical patient information as needed whether in the office or in the emergency room, avoiding duplication of services – ultimately reducing costs, and meeting Meaningful Use requirements for connectivity.

Services currently offered by One Health Record®:

Direct Exchange of secure messages
Health Information Exchange using national standard CCDA messages

We are always striving to enhance the One Health Record® experience.  Services that are in development include:

• Reporting of Immunizations, Cancer, and Syndromic Surveillance data to Public Health
• Alerting of patients’ admission, discharge, or transfer events to subscribing physicians or hospitals