Eligible Hospitals

Eligible Hospitals

General Program Information for EH’s

• Amount of payments issued to Eligible Hospitals • Click Here

• EH EHR Incentive Payment 2015 • Click Here

• Hospitals Completing Year-3 • Click Here

• Change in Hospital Ownership • Click Here

• Submit Hardship Exception Application • Click Here


Reference and Downloadable Documents

• Stage 2 Eligible Hospital and Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Meaningful Use Core and Menu Objectives • Click Here

• EH Workbook Payment Year 2 & 3 • Click Here

• EH Medicare – Medicaid Order of Attestation for Dually Eligible Hospitals • Click Here

• CMS Tip Sheet: Patient Electronic Access MU Measure • Click Here

• CMS Tip Sheet: Public Health Registry MU Measure • Click Here

• CMS Tip Sheet: Security Risk Assessment Fact Sheet Update MU Measure • Click Here