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One Health Record® technology provides hospitals and other health care providers with the ability to store, retrieve, and exchange comprehensive patient histories – including medications, treatments and lab results – at the point of care.  The Alabama HIE platform translates data from a variety of formats into a standard data structure to make it possible to implement new standards of care, support all clinical models and support required reporting.

The One Health Record® HIE platform is:

• fully compliant with C-CDA document format;

• among the first healthcare IT products to receive HIT interoperability certification;

• Meaningful Use 1 and Use 2 certified; (MU 3 coming soon)

• verified as a product for eHealth Exchange by The Sequoia Project.

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One Health Record® offers an encrypted, HIPAA compliant messaging service, called Direct Messaging that is as easy to use as your current email account.  The service provides you with an auditable stream of communications that requires no special software or Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Direct Messaging is compliant with all relevant standards both current and emerging. The solution natively provides the following list of standards that currently comply with and/or leverage:




• OASIS WS-Security 1.0