Welcome to One Health Record®  – Alabama’s Health Information Exchange.

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Imagine having the ability to quickly and easily pull medical history, demographic information and key details about patients, all within a secure environment!

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One Health Record® uses a combination of safeguards to protect patient health information.

Security Measures include:

• Secured Login

• Identification of the Requestor

• Measures to prevent forwarding or copying of information

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Our Progress as of June 1st, 2021

4,408,903 Patients

1758 Providers/Locations

39 Connected Hospitals

5 Connected ACO’s

7 Connected ACHN Regions

45 PCDH State HIE Connections

3 State Agencies

3 Federal Agencies

•Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals and Clinics

1. 170 Medical Centers

2. 1063 Outpatient Sites

•Department of Defense

•Social Security Administration

3 Regional Health Information Exchanges



• Midwest Health Connections(MHC)

6,645,451 Registered Documents

21,202,895 ADT Alerts Received

507,464 ADT Alerts Disbursed

244,390 ADT Alerts to ACHN’s

263,074 ADT Alerts to ACO’s

One Health Record® is dedicated to helping our State’s providers connect to Alabama’s Health Information Exchange.

To get started, simply go to “Join One Health Record®” and complete the “Readiness Assessment Questionnaire”.  When you’re done, email it to our Service Desk.  Once your information is reviewed, we will contact you!  If you have any questions related to the assessment questionnaire, please feel free to contact us.

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