RCO Implementation Changes and Service Delivery Network Timelines


The Alabama Medicaid Agency is working with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to amend the approved 1115 waiver to allow for an October 1, 2017, start date for the Regional Care Organization (RCO) program.

The deadline for probationary RCOs to demonstrate the existence of an adequate service delivery network by submitting to Medicaid signed contracts from their network providers is January 10, 2017. As probationary RCOs work to meet this service delivery network adequacy deadline, providers may be contacted by probationary RCOs with whom they are not currently contracted.

Information about RCOs, implementation or other aspects of this managed care program may be found on the Agency’s RCO webpage at http://www.medicaid.alabama.gov/content/5.0_Managed_Care/5.1_RCOs.aspx.

Provider questions may be emailed to RCOportal@medicaid.alabama.gov.

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