UAB Hospital partners with One Health Record® to enhance patient care

A growing number of healthcare organizations are partnering with One Health Record®, Alabama’s statewide health information exchange (HIE), as they seek to better coordinate health care services for their patients, according to One Health Record® Director Paul Brannan.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital, Alabama’s largest hospital, is the most recent addition to One Health Record®, he said. For UAB, health information exchange technology will enable patients referred to UAB to have a more coordinated healthcare experience.  At the same time, UAB providers will have electronic access to a more complete medical record at the point of care.

“With each new participating organization, we are another step closer to achieving our goal of making our name, ‘One Health Record’, a reality” Brannan said. He explained that UAB has been working with the state exchange, but only recently connected to the state’s new and more powerful HIE platform. Seven other hospitals and 43 healthcare providers and clinics in Alabama participate in the statewide program, funded largely by federal technology grants.

With more than three million patients with records in its system, One Health Record® seeks to make available a secure complete electronic health record for each citizen of Alabama at the point of care.  The platform was recently upgraded to share information in more formats, increasing interoperability. In addition, the new platform provides improved performance for quicker responses with the capability to extract health data from static clinic documents such as Continuity of Care Documents.

“By partnering with hospitals and medical providers, we have the opportunity to bring new resources to support the industry as Alabama Medicaid and other organizations move toward value-based healthcare systems,” he said.